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Smart Green Cities: Lessons and Prospects

On June 26-27, the Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SPRIE) hosted a circle of leaders from academia, industry, and the public sector who are driving the understanding and best practice for smart green cities to gather for a dynamic and interactive roundtable at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

The aim was to convene a productive mix of researchers and experts for presentations and fruitful discussion on the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of information technologies and energy that can transform buildings and transportation on the urban scale.

During the “Smart Green Innovations’ Roundtable, discussions focused on an array of questions, such as:

  • In the key application areas of buildings and transportation, what lessons have been learned through implementation of smart green products and services deployed to date?
  • What are critical bottlenecks for the development of smart green cities?  How to overcome challenges, such as facilitating rapid learning, proving financial viability, or integrating innovations into complex systems?
  • What frameworks and tools can be used to better analyze and improve smart green cities?
  • Which cities around the globe have demonstrated effective smart and green innovations?  Which are leading case studies that illustrate lessons on what is effective and scalable? 
  • What government roles and policies have been effective?  What partnerships—including those that are cross-discipline, cross-sector, cross-organization,  or cross-border—are helping accelerate the development and deployment of high impact innovations that can shape smart green cities?
  • How is the landscape for smart and green shifting globally–where are the hotspots or centers of knowledge and excellence?
  • Who are some of the key innovators, labs, firms, and organizations pioneering the way? What technologies, products, services, and business models are driving the next generation of innovation?
  • What firms and entrepreneurs look promising for leading the next wave of change for smart green cities?

Videos and presentations are available on the SPRIE website.