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The Road to the Intelligent Community of the Year

John Jung, Co-Founder of Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), describes the essential steps that a community should follow in order to be converted into a smart or “Intelligent Community’. ICF nominations for its 2013 Intelligent Community of the Year award are open until September 21, 2012.

The first thing a community probably needs to do is to acknowledge that it can’ t buy its way into becoming a “smart’ community by merely purchasing a famous technology firm’ s “smart products’ and resting on their marketing arm’ s claims that it’ s a smart or “intelligent’ city. Instead, a process of informing itself holistically of its strengths, areas of weakness, its opportunities and its threats, needs to be undertaken. This audit is a basic requirement to understand its’ capabilities and determine its gaps. Within this exercise exists a realization of what it would take to build itself into a smart or “Intelligent Community’, as defined by ICF. In fact, as many communities that have gone through this process have remarked, this was the best part of the entire initiative, because never before did the community understand exactly where it stood as a smart community.

John Jung: So You Think You’ re So Smart?