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A City Protocol for Smart Cities

The City Protocol, launched in July, is an initiative that brings together stakeholders, like city councils, academia, suppliers and interest groups with the aim of solving the perennial problem of developing a “more sustainable, efficient, cohesive, innovative and smart city.’ The City Protocol intends to enable cities to become “adaptive, learning, evolving, robust, autonomous, self-repairing, and self-reproducing’, casting a net over all functions of the urban realm. Its leadership will be provided by the City Protocol Society (CPS)  addressing specific issues and delivering formal agreements, recommendations, technology standards, reference projects, policies, and certification models. The City Protocol aspires to make a difference by making a significant contribution to the smart city discussion through better integration of information flows and communications networks across multiple domains such as transport, sustainability, and public safety; a vision pithily described as “anything connected to anything’.   Specific emphasis was also placed on the need for better cost-benefit analyses to reduce the risk and improve the repeatability of new programs in areas such as energy efficiency, allowing for a broader implementation of smart city projects.

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