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India’ s ambitious plans for 7 new Smart Cities across the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor

The masterplans are finished already. The seven brand new cities across the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) will revolutionize the country`s urban landscape with the introduction of what modern town planners call “smart city“ concepts. The processes of acquiring the farming land, getting government clearances and generating investment have already started.

The key features of the new smart cities are compact, vertical developments, an efficient public transportation system, the use of digital technology to create smart grids for better management of civic infrastructure, recycling of sewage water for industrial use, green spaces, cycle tracks and easy accessibility to goods, services and activities designed to foster a sense of community. Plans are also in place to integrate these cities through new airports, new rail links and arteries of ten-lane highways.

Each city will have underground utility corridors for parking, sewage disposal and communication lines to give it a neat look and leave enough space for facilities that are missing in most existing cities, like pavements, parks and cycle tracks. Public transport will be available within a 10-minute walk from home or office.

The DMIC was an economic and commercial initiative of the government, intended to boost manufacturing through the development of industrial centres along the western leg of the Mumbai-Delhi-Kolkata dedicated railway freight corridor.

The central and state governments will carry the burden of financing infrastructure while a public-private partnership model is being tried out for the first time to build houses, schools, hospitals and other facilities.

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