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Smart Cities in Italy: an opportunity in the spirit of Renaissance for a new quality of life

An ABB report with proposals for how Italian cities can become “smarter”. This report was drawn up by The European-House Ambrosetti for ABB under the guidance of a Steering Committee comprising of Barbara Frei, David Gann, Joan Busquets and Paolo Borzatta. It was presented in the frame of 2012 Workshop The European-House Ambrosetti in Cernobbio (Como, Italy) on September 8th, 2012. ABB is an international vendor of power and automation technologies. The report is Italian.

Through this report, Smart Cities emerge a vision of an “urban model able to guarantee a high quality of life and personal/social growth of individuals and business, while optimizing resources and sustainability’. The report includes a detailed analysis of investments necessary to develop Smart Cities in Italy.

Through the report, seven proposals for Italian cities to become “smarter” are put forth:
1. Overall strategy for Italy
Define a vision for Italy and a strategy for attaining it, while reaffirming the guiding role of the national government.
2. Smartness governance
Prepare a national governance plan for smart-related issues which provides guidelines for action and coordinates cross-group interests.
3. Italian smart city innovation partnership
Launch the Italian version of the European partnership model for smart city innovation.
4. “Smartest City’ award based on a shared model
Create an award for the first 5 cities that attain the maximum level of “smartness’, measured in terms of actual benefits for their citizens.

5. Fine-tune existing initiatives
Formally commit to ending or definitively concluding a number of still-incomplete initiatives directly and/or indirectly connected to the smart city concept.

6. ‘Quick win’ in the short-term
Promote (already) available and low-cost smart solutions that can produce significant progress in the short term.

7. Increase the “really free’ time of Italians by 10% in 5 years
Set a challenging goal (for example, increase the “really free’ time of Italians by 10% in 5 years) to overcome the “elitist’ perception of smart related issues, influence expectations and create consensus.

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