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Is information making our cities smarter?

The latest issue of the The Urbanist magazine is devoted to smart cities. There are four articles under the title “Is information making our cities smarter?’: (1) A Policy Agenda for the Sharing Economy, (2) Smart Cities, Limited Resources, (3) Why Does Civic Data Matter? and (4) Urban Field Notes: Patched.


A Policy Agenda for the Sharing Economy
The emerging movement of collaborative consumption is redefining the ways goods and services are exchanged, valued and created.
Smart Cities, Limited Resources
Can we provide public goods more efficiently by pricing them to reflect real-time demand?
Why Does Civic Data Matter?
A new emphasis is being placed on the availability of open data from governments but what use does this data have for citizens’ daily experience?
Urban Field Notes: Patched
A photographer observes that after the graffiti’ s gone, new works of art emerge.

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