Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent / Smart Cities Strategies

How can La Defense Seine Arche become a Smart territory?

In the period 14-19 October 2012, INTA (International Urban Development Association) organized a peer-to-peer review on how this strategic territory can be smarter, as part of INTA’ s work on Smart Cities.

The Urban Development Corporation of La Défense Seine Arche (a State run agency for the development of the business district of La Defense on the West of Paris) approached INTA on how to apply the notions of “Smart City’ to the existing district and two brownfield areas, future sustainable poles of La Défense.

A panel of international experts was formed, who resulted to defining Smart Cities as cities that:

– Leverage information in a data-rich environment to make better decisions
– Anticipate problems better and can respond proactively
– Co-ordinate resources more easily, to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Read more details and access the final presentation here. The full report will be available in November.