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WordPress.com for Cities

WordPress.com, the hosted solution of the world’s most popular open source CMS, launched WordPress.com/cities as the go-to place for starting a site for a city or other municipal body.

The solution offers a couple of new features to help city administrators build the best site they can for residents and visitors alike:

  • Starter Content – When the administrator sign up, the platform automatically creates the pages most commonly needed on city websites, such as Parks & Recreation, City Hall, and Law Enforcement, and add them to your site’ s main menu. He has to fill in the blanks, and you’ re ready to launch.
  • Events Calendar – An integrated events calendar displays all city’ s upcoming events without any additional work ‘“ just plug in the URL of a Google or iCal calendar, and the site will be updated automatically when the administrator adds an event.
  • Sites, Not Blogs – When someone signs up via WordPress.com/cities, he can use the front page of the site to showcase timeless content and important links and resources for the visitors and still take advantage of a separate News section to post city updates.

Visit Sites for Cities | WordPress.com