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25 Technologies every smart city should have

25 techs smart cities should haveIn a latest post in Mashable by Lauren Drell a comprehensive list of 25 technologies that every smart city should have is presented with examples of applications of these in different cities.
The list of the technologies is the following:

  1. Open-data initiatives and hackathons
  2. Parking apps
  3. Apps that let users “adopt” city property
  4. High-tech waste management systems
  5. All-digital and easy-to-use parking payment systems
  6. A city guide app
  7. Touchscreens around the city
  8. Wi-Fi in subway stations and on trains
  9. Sustainable and energy efficient residential and commercial real estate.
  10. Dynamic kiosks that display real-time information
  11. App or social media-based emergency alert and crisis response systems
  12. Police forces that use real-time data to monitor and prevent crime.
  13. More public transit, high-speed trains, and bus rapid transit (BRT)
  14. OLED lights and surveillance in high-crime zones
  15. Charging stations, like the solar-powered
  16. Roofs covered with solar panels or gardens
  17. Bike-sharing programs
  18. A sharing economy, instead of a buying economy.
  19. Smart climate control systems in homes and businesses
  20. Widespread use of traffic rerouting apps
  21. Water-recycling systems
  22. Crowdsourced urban planning,
  23. Broadband Internet access for all citizens
  24. Mobile payments.
  25. Ride-sharing programs

Read the whole article on http://mashable.com/2012/12/26/urban-tech-wish-list/