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Video: Why Smart Entrepreneurs Should Care About Smart Cities

hirshbergSilicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Hirshberg, formerly the chairman of Technorati, believes there are now huge opportunities for entrepreneurs with products that can make a city smarter.

Hirshberg explains that we are just at the beginning of this thing with the biggest entrepreneurial opportunities lie in the development of crime, healthcare and traffic data ‘“ particularly in terms of making this data “predictive”.

According to Hirshberg:

smart cities are about more than just making money. In the Sixties being a citizen meant we protested, he told me, while today the good citizen builds APIs that make a city more habitable. And that’ s why, he insists, we have to make what he calls “smart architectural decisions’ to enable the right level of anonymity in the 21st century city. Otherwise, he warns, the smart city of the future will be too smart about all of us, thereby destroying the privacy of its citizens.

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