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A Digital Masterplan for Dublin

digital_DublinThe Digital Masterplan for Dublin is designed to be a roadmap that will help city shape its digital future. It is designed with an inherent flexibility to allow Dublin to change direction, constantly rethinking the journey towards the ultimate Digital City. It sets out a framework for action that can help city leaders prioritise the use of scarce resources.

The Digital Masterplan for Dublin provides a guide for the city in terms of adaption, creation and adoption of digital technologies and processes. It will lead to a more efficient overall management of the city, its resources and everyday activities. The primary deliverable of the Masterplan is to facilitate further innovation in the region, long-term sustainability, enhanced citizen-focussed governance and job creation. In doing so, it will improve the functioning of the city, making it a better place to live, work, study and visit. It will improve the attractiveness of the city for home-grown and foreign tech companies and digital start-ups.

The Masterplan will provide policy guidance and help ensure that various actions that are already underway are not being pursued in isolation but as part of a comprehensive plan and vision. It will be adaptive, disruptive and flexible.

Principles of a Digital City

Digital Dublin will be co-created by adhering to the following principles:

  1. That digital technologies are a facilitator of a more sustainable, cohesive and competitive city region
  2. That digital technologies are used to realise net job creation across the entire economy
  3. That ‘˜Available As Digital’ will be the norm for all Public Services
  4. That as a progressive open city, welcoming of everybody, all citizens should have opportunities for access to digital technologies
  5. That we will live by and act through open innovation, embracing a governance model which shares ideas, information and data between sectors, organisations, citizens and with other collaborating cities
  6. That we will embrace digital governance and technologies to increase democratic participation and to stay connected with citizens
  7. That the city and its stakeholders will use digital technologies, processes and design to continually improve its own performance in the delivery of services for the citizens and business
  8. That Data(Open and Big) is a key element in developing Dublin as a Digital City
  9. That Dublin will be a virtual and physical testbed for innovation and will integrate digital technologies into spaces and places of the city
  10. That Dublin will consistently future proof the infrastructure (eg broadband, power etc) required to keep it ahead of the global competition and attractive to inward investment

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