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Urban Studies at 50: A Free Virtual Special Issue

Urban-StudiesThe Editors of Urban Studies journal decided to mark the journal’ s 50th birthday by putting together a virtual special issue that combines the five most cited Urban Studies articles, the five most downloaded, and the five most important published prior to 1990 (as collectively decided by the Editors).

These fifteen articles will be freely accessible on the journal’s website for the next six months, and editors hope that after perusing them, readers will use the online form at the bottom of this page to vote for their three favourite articles. The results of the voting will be announced at the end of the year, to coincide with the beginning of Urban Studies’ next 50 years!

Five most cited articles

  1. Ian R. Gordon and Philip McCann, Industrial Clusters: Complexes, Agglomeration and/or Social Networks?, Urban Studies, March 2000, 37: 513-532
  2. Neil Brenner, Globalisation as Reterritorialisation: The Re-scaling of Urban Governance in the European Union, Urban Studies, March 1999, 36: 431-451
  3. Harry J. Holzer, The Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis: What Has the Evidence Shown?, Urban Studies, February 1991, 28: 105-122
  4. Bruce W. Hamilton, Zoning and Property Taxation in a System of Local Governments, Urban Studies, June 1975, 12: 205-211
  5. Ray Forrest and Ade Kearns, Social Cohesion, Social Capital and the Neighbourhood, Urban Studies November 2001 38: 2125-2143

Five most downloaded articles (since december 2007)

  1. Loretta Lees, Gentrification and Social Mixing: Towards an Inclusive Urban Renaissance?, Urban Studies November 2008 45: 2449-2470
  2. Graeme Evans, Creative Cities, Creative Spaces and Urban Policy, Urban Studies, May 2009, 46: 1003-1040
  3. Michael G. Donavan, Informal Cities and the Contestation of Public Space: The Case of Bogota’s Street Vendors, Urban Studies, January 2008, 45: 29-51
  4. Chris Hamnett, Gentrification and the Middle-class Remaking of Inner London, 1961-2001, Urban Studies, November 2003, 40: 2401-2426
  5. Giles Atkinson, Susana Mourato, Stefan Szymanski, and Ece Ozdemiroglu, Are We Willing to Pay Enough to `Back the Bid’?: Valuing the Intangible Impacts of London’s Bid to Host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Urban Studies, February 2008, 45: 419-444

Five most important published before 1990 (Urban Studies Editors’ vote)

  1. Doreen B. Massey and Richard A. Meegan, Industrial Restructuring versus the Cities, Urban Studies October 1978 15: 273-288
  2. Allen J. Scott, Locational Patterns and Dynamics of Industrial Activity in the Modern Metropolis, Urban Studies May 1982 19: 111-141
  3. F.J.B. Stilwell, Regional Growth and Structural Adaptation, Urban Studies June 1969 6: 162-178
  4. Alan Gilbert, The Arguments for Very Large Cities Reconsidered , Urban Studies February 1976 13: 27-34
  5. Edwin S. Mills, Urban Density Functions, Urban Studies February 1970 7: 5-20

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