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CityLab: Urban Solutions to Global Challenges

CityLab-MisoThe Atlantic, The Aspen Institute, and Bloomberg Philanthropies are hosting the event “CityLab: Urban Solutions to Global Challenges,” taking place October 6-8, 2013, in New York City. The event brings together 300 global city leaders’”more than 30 mayors, plus urban theorists, city planners, scholars, architects, and artists’”for a series of conversations about urban ideas that are shaping the world’s metro centers.

The summit features conversations on economic development; the environment and sustainability; cultural investment; big data; and the intersection of public safety, privacy, and technology; as well as smaller breakout sessions exploring topics like redevelopment, urban infrastructure, transportation, urban expansion, and the creation of the next tech city.

Agenda (All times are EST)

9:15 AM / Opening Remarks
9:40 AM – 10:30 AM / Engines of Prosperity: Urban Success Stories of Economic Development
10:45 AM – 11:35 AM / City 2.0: Creating the Next Tech Cities
11:50 AM – 12:40 PM / Is Redevelopment Good For Everyone?
1:40 PM – 2:30 PM / Getting There: Today’ s Smartest Investments in Tomorrow’ s Transportation Solutions
2:45 PM – 3:35 PM / Big Data: Innovation and Ideas for a Smarter City
3:35 PM – 3:50 PM / If Mayors Ruled the World

Special Evening Session
8:00 PM’‚/ Ecological Infrastructure: Case Studies For Urban Resilience and Sustainability
9:15 PM’‚/ Cultural Investment: Creating A Civic Identity Through The Arts

8:15 AM / Public Safety, Privacy, and New Technologies
8:45 AM / Commissioners Interview
9:15 AM / Slimmer Cities: Promising Strategies for Fighting Obesity
1:00 PM / Closing Session

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