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BIS Publication series on smart cities

BISThe Department of Business Innovation and Skills of the UK Government just published a number of reports on smart cities which aim to contribute to the Information Economy Strategy within the government’ s Industrial Strategy.

Smart cities: background paper: This document is a framework paper regarding the concept of smart cities and the opportunities that they present for UK’s economic growth.The paper focuses on the UK’ s efforts in delivering smart city concepts. The relevant government policies can be grouped in six main areas:

  • encouraging and empowering city authorities to develop the vision and leadership to provide solutions to their own problems;
  • promoting open data and the capacity of organisations to improve access to open data, to share and to use it, including the development of open standards;
  • programmes to develop underpinning technologies and to demonstrate their efficacy;
  • Departmental programmes to encourage the adoption of new approaches and technologies, to transform both the service systems and consumer behaviour;
  • participating actively in EU programmes
  • helping UK firms to exploit their capabilities in global markets

The report recommends also five main areas where the Government needs to focus its efforts to strengthen UK capability and performance. These are: i) improve government support for smart city leadership, ii) strengthening the knowledge base and dissemination, iii) promote access to public re-usable data, iv) develop a strategic approach to open standards, data management and data sharing, and v) understand evolving supply chains.

Smart cities international case studies: global innovators: The document includes case studies with best examples and lessons learned from six leading cities around the world: Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm, Boston, Barcelona and Hong Kong. It focuses on how these cities are addressing their challenges and how they adapt their organizations to deliver new digital services to their citizens.

Smart city market: UK opportunities: This document explores the market structure and size, the trends in the market, and global regional highlights for smart cities. It identifies UK strengths, gaps, opportunities and barriersregarding UK capability in global markets and even makes recommendations for UK government, businesses and cities under five verticals: energy, water, transport, waste and assisted living.

Download the reports:

Smart cities: background paper

Smart cities international case studies: global innovators

Smart city market: opportunities for the UK