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Smart City Exhibition, Bologna

Smart City ExhibitionThe SMART City Exhibition is a new exhibition arising from the partnership between FORUM PA and Bologna Fiere. It will take place in Bologna from 16th to 18th October 2013. The three days event will collect the most advanced experiences through several interaction opportunities: keynotes, labs, conferences, business meetings, training, face to face meetings, An expo section will show the best products and solutions on smart cities. Special labs will be dedicated to different communication flows in a city, among people, administrations, companies and objects connected to networks.

The exhibition proposes a new vision of city characterised by information flows, physical and digital relationships and communications networks, capability to create social capital, wellness for people and best quality of life. SMART City Exhibition 2013 aims at:

  • Developing a shared definition of smart city, showing the fundamental steps for a strategic and holistic approach; finding  policies and roadmaps to implement them; explaining the role of technology on the basis of its three levels: ict platforms, vertical areas (education, health, welfare, environment, energy, mobility, etc’¦), peripheral devices, sensors.
  • Training meetings for public managers about themes on the cities of future.Finding and disseminating the best Italian and European experiences and explaining the patterns.
  • Collecting a set of documents about all aspects of a smart city in order to create a shared culture with the central government, cities, local authorities and companies to lay the foundations of new politics for smart cities.
  • Debating on new patterns of procurement and public-private partnership that can allow far-seeing investments to improve urban life.
  • Offering to citizens and to public opinion a report on progresses of innovation in cities with particular attention to accountability.

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