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Microsoft CityNext

A-CityNext-Whitepaper-1Microsoft CityNext is a people-first approach to innovation that empowers government, businesses, and citizens to shape the future of their cities. People-first means harnessing all the ideas, energy, and expertise of a city’s people as they create a healthier, safer, more sustainable place to live.

Microsoft offers a broad a portfolio of secure consumer-to-business software, devices, and services; a vast network of global partners; and a history of successful education and social programs, all of which, when combined, help cities with what’ s next.


CityNext enables cities to operate more efficiently and serve citizens as “One City’ across eight critical functions: energy and water; buildings, infrastructure, and planning; transportation; public safety and justice; tourism, recreation, and culture; education; health and social services; and government administration. Microsoft and its partners are committed to helping citizens, businesses, and governments realize this vision through a new era of innovation, including: Cloud, Mobility, Social, Big Data.


The Microsoft big data solution offers an end-to-end platform to manage any data, of any size, from any source, with our industry-leading database services. CityNext solutions aims to deliver a holistic, citywide view and give employees new intelligence that supports better historical trend and pattern analysis, richer predictive modeling, and more effective real-time decisions, all of which help a city optimize its resources, break through departmental silos, and provide better services for less.

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