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Smart Cities Background Paper

Smart Cities Background PaperThe UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, published the Smart Cities Background Paper.The report considers the enormous challenges facing cities, the size of the opportunity afforded by the focus being given,worldwide, to addressing those challenges by transforming city infrastructures and city systems, and the key actions needed to seize those opportunities.

“Growth opportunities lie, no less, at home through smarter approaches to transport management, healthcare and energy. On the back of better connectivity and better access to public information, we can manage cities more effectively, anticipate and solve problems more cost effectively, and raise the economic prospects and the quality of life in every British town and city. In so doing, the UK can strengthen its position as a global hub of expertise at a time when cities throughout the world are seeking innovative solutions to the challenges of urbanization.”

Source: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

The smart cities background paper:  Smart-cities-background-paper-09102013