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IDC White Paper – Smart Cities and the Internet of Things

Smart City of the Future Value Architecture (Source: IDC Government Insights, 2013)“Smart Cities and the Internet of Everything: The Foundation for Delivering Next-Generation Citizen Services”, a White Paper published by IDC, discusses trends driving Smart City growth, the vision for the Smart City of the future, and the maturity cycle that cities can progress through to become a Smart City.

The White Paper which has been authored for Cisco by IDC Government Insights, provides a deeper understanding of the Smart City vision; offers a context which explains the importance and the value it will bring to its stakeholders; and suggests a roadmap for those working to create a Smart City ‘˜evolution plan’ . It includes:

  • Trends driving Smart City growth;
  • The role of the Internet of Everything in building the foundation for Smart City evolution,
  • IDC’ s maturity model that assesses stages of Smart City development;
  • Key factors that will shape and build the Smart City reality;
  • Case studies of current major urban centers that have embarked on the Smart City journey, and;
  • Key takeaways and recommendations for municipal leaders to help them in their effort to transform urban centers into the Smart Cities of tomorrow.

IDC Government Insights defines five best practice areas, and the key success factors within each, that need to be addressed in order to make the Smart City concept fully operational. The following figure details nontechnology success factors like vision, leadership, innovation, and citizen engagement as well as technology success factors like infrastructure, architecture, and the use of data.

Smart City Key Success Factors (Source: IDC Government Insights, 2013)
Smart City Key Success Factors (Source: IDC Government Insights, 2013)

IDC Government Insights believes Smart Cities will be the places where most people will want to live
and work. These dynamic municipalities will use information technology as the foundation for new and
better services, improved stakeholder collaboration, and greater efficiency. These communities will
support sustainable growth, civic engagement, and smart economic development. As described in the
case studies, many leading municipalities around the world are already implementing a Smart City
vision. Those cities that are not considering the exciting potential of Smart City transformation risk
being left behind. Now is the time to start on your Smart City journey.

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