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40 Policy Innovations for Cities

Innovation-and-the-CityThe reports “Innovation and the City – part I and part II’ from the Center for an Urban Future and NYU Wagner present 40 innovative policies from cities across the U.S. and around the globe that could serve as a model and give mayors and other municipal leaders the ability to learn from their peers and develop new policies based on models that have already proven effective.

Researchers at the Center for an Urban Future and NYU Wagner interviewed nearly 200 policy experts in cities across the country and around the globe, looking for game-changing reforms that have proven effective.

15 Policy Ideas for NYC

The Innovation and the City (part I) report presents 15 policies that could be implemented in New York City, taking into account city’s important needs and also local government structure and political climate:

  1. UPDATING 311 – A More Responsive, Transparent & Participatory 311
    Boston & Chicago
  2. KINDERGARTEN TO COLLEGE SAVINGS – Fostering a College-Going Culture & Allaying Rising Tuition Costs
    San Francisco
  3. INNOVATION LOAN FUND – Loan Fund Seeds New Ideas at the Agency Level
  4. PEAK ACADEMY – Sending Agency Staff to Innovation School
  5. PROJECT ORACLE – Measuring Impact in Human Services
  6. SPACEHIVE – Crowdsourcing Capital Projects
  7. ZERO WASTE – A Comprehensive Approach to Increasing Recycling & Improving Waste Management
    San Francisco
  8. DIGITAL BADGING – Creating an Alternative Assessment System for Out-of-School Programs
    Philadelphia, Providence & Chicago
  9. BUDGET SAVINGS COMMISSION – Private Firms Develop Mass Budget Savings
  10. OPEN DATA – A More Transparent, Inclusive & Collaborative Government
    Seattle & San Francisco
  11. CITY ID PREPAID MASTERCARD – Municipal Identification & Debit Card
  12. ACCESSORY DWELLING UNITS & BASEMENT CONVERSIONS – Helping the Elderly to Comfortably & Affordably “Age in Place’
    Seattle, Vancouver & Santa Cruz
  13. PRIZE-LINKED SAVINGS – Incentivizing Savings Accounts in Underbanked Communities
  14. IMMIGRANT EXPORT INITIATIVE – Helping Immigrant-Run Businesses Grow through Exporting
    Los Angeles & Chicago
  15. COMMUTER TAX BENEFIT – Expanding Access to Federal Pre-Tax Transit Benefits
    San Francisco

An additional 25 Policy Ideas for cities

The researchers also discovered a lot of promising innovations that didn’ t match up well with New York’ s needs or addressed problems that the City was already confronting in a different way. So, in this second edition of the report, they present policies that might not work in New York but are important enough to merit replication in other cities. These 25 policies come from a diverse group of municipalities and confront a variety of different kinds of problems.

  1. Innovation Delivery Teams
    Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Louisville, KY; Memphis, TN; New Orleans, LA
  2. Health Stats Program
    Camden, NJ
  3. Parking Sensor Program
    San Francisco, CA
  4. Sector Panels
    Seattle, WA
  5. Parent Mentor Program
    Chicago, IL
  6. Split-Rate Property Tax
    Harrisburg, PA
  7. Crisis Intervention Program
    Memphis, TN
  8. Social Impact Bonds
    New York City, NY
  9. Community Attorney Program
    Minneapolis, MN
  10. Gang Reduction & Youth Development program
    Los Angeles, CA
  11. Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council
    Toronto, Ontario
  12. Results Minneapolis
    Minneapolis, MN
  13. Greener Greater Buildings
    New York City, NY
  14. Infrastructure Trust
    Chicago, IL
  15. Green Factor
    Seattle, WA; Washington, DC
  16. Family and Senior Homeless Initiative
    Denver, CO
  17. Family Violence Unit
    Minneapolis, MN
  18. SmartRiverside
    Riverside, CA
  19. The Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO)
    New York City, NY
  20. Microgrids
    Hookerk, Netherlands; Sendai, Japan
  21. Community Infrastructure Levy
    London, United Kingdom
  22. Applied Sciences NYC Competition
    New York City, NY
  23. The Pedestrian Plaza Program
    New York City, NY
  24. Teacher Homebuyer Program
    San Jose, CA
  25. Participatory Budgeting
    New York City, NY; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Vallejo, CA; Toronto, Ontario

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