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Report on cyber security and resilience of smart cities

new_picture_1Symantech’s Executive Report on cyber security and resilience of smart cities explores  the requirements and challenges of creating a secure, reliable and resilient smart city.  The report stresses the vulnerability of ICT systems to cyber attacks and argues that  administrations and the overall city ecosystems will need to provide innovative, resilient ‘smart’ solutions that leverage digital information while protecting against malicious violations, unintentional damage and natural disasters.

Like any other ICT environment, cities can experience different types of cyber attacks. As systems grow more complex, become more interconnected and handle more information, their exposure to vulnerabilities increases; whether due to malicious intent or human error.

A secure transition to a resilient smart city includes a number of critical steps and areas of focus such as: establishing the governance framework, fulfilling governance, risk and compliance (GRC), delivering service continuity, protecting information proactively, authenticating users, leveraging threat intelligence, balancing traditional versus cloud delivery, developing an information management strategy etc.















Download the report:  Transformational ‘smart cities’: cyber security and resilience