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Smart Governance for Smart Cities

new_picture_71Smart Governance for Smart Cities is  a comprehensive and secure online citizen engagement platform connecting citizens with one another and with city officials through binding and non-binding consultation processes. Launched by Scytl in partnership with Microsoft as part of the CityNext initiative  caters to the ever increasing population in cities and its citizen’ s demands to engage city government.


The tools provided enable active government and citizen participation and influence in decision making processes by leveraging the online communication channels used daily by communities.





Key benefits provided to cities and their citizens:

  • Citizens enfranchisement in decision making processes, ensuring their voices are heard
  • Informed city decisions based on citizen feedback and engagement
  • Transparency in the dissemination of feedback and results via citizen portals
  • Credibility through citizen accessibility to city information, documents and proceedings
  • Citizen privacy protection and consultation results integrity


Source: Smart Governance for Smart Cities platform