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Handbook on cross border collaboration and Living Labs

new_picture_72The Handbook ‘˜How to set up cross-border Living Labs’ introduces the Living Lab approach according to a transnational perspective, namely through the building up and operation of cross-border Living Labs. The document was developed  within the framework of Alcotra Innovation strategic project,  funded by the Alcotra Italy-France 2007-2013 territorial cross border cooperation program.

The Handbook provides the reader with

  • a summary information on what Living Labs are about, and particularly the cross-regional aspects dealt with in the project;
  • a reference framework (the “Unitary Model’) and operational procedures (the “LEADERS Approach’) for the design and management of transboundary Living Lab communities across multiple regions and thematic domains;
  • a synthetic report on the major achievements of the Alcotra Innovation project;
  • a methodological overview, including some monitoring and evaluation related issues we have encountered and successfully dealt with;
  • a special note on the integration of cross-border Living Labs with Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) ‘“ a new and innovative purchasing practice of R&D services that is gaining more and more attention within European public authorities and agencies; and
  • a special note on a user-centred co-creation methodology.

Download the Handbook ‘˜How to set up cross-border Living Labs’