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Video: Smart Cities and FI-WARE

New Picture (73)-bmpSeveral experts and policy makers from Spain and the EU express their views on Smart Cities and FI-WARE at the FI-WARE Smart City event which was held in Santander, Spain, on 16-18 October. Experts answer to questions such as ‘˜what are smart cities and why they are important’ , ‘˜how do you build a Smart City’ , ‘˜what is the importance of open data’ and ‘˜what can FI-WARE do for smart cities’ .

Some interesting views are the following:

“If we draw an analogy between the World Wide Web and Smart Cities, Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, didn’ t generate millions of web pages. What he did was create a platform where everyone else could create web pages. With Smart Cities, we should do the same thing: generate platforms so that among everyone, among all citizens, we can create a Smart City.”

Carlos Iglesias, Open Data Consultant

“Open Data is an exercise in transparency since we make all the information we store available to the people. But most of all, it’ s an opportunity for entrepreneurs.”

Íñigo de la Serna, Mayor of Santander & President of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities

“FI-Ware is going to play an important role, it’ s going to provide all companies with a common platform so that we can develop solutions all across Europe, and hopefully all across the world’¦The developments made in one place will be compatible with services that are being developed in other cities.”

Víctor Calvo-Sotelo, Secretary of State of Telecommunications & Information Society (Spain)