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The Fundamentals of Online Open Government

Transparency-20---Fundamentals-of-Online-Open-Government-(ICMA)-1The paper “Transparency 2.0: The Fundamentals of Online Open Government”, from Granicus, provides principles and practices about building transparency, trust, and engagement with the public. It also outlines 12 fundamentals of online open government that have been proven across more than 1,000 government agencies throughout North America.

Transparency 2.0 not only provides public information, but also develops civic engagement, opens the decision-making process online, and takes advantage of today’ s technology trends. Here are some of the key issues covered:

  • Defining open government’s role with technology
  • Enhancing dialog between citizen and government
  • Architectures and connectivity of public data
  • Opening the decision-making workflow
Transparency 2.0 Tools
Transparency 2.0 Tools

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