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Open Data Innovation

Socrata-Open-InnovationSocrata, a company focused exclusively on democratizing access to government data, published the first issue of a digital magazine, which shows the power and potential of open data with success stories and practical advice, as well as profiles of the open data movement’ s thought leaders and visionaries.

The inaugural issue of Open Innovation includes seven articles:

  • The Open Data Movement ‘“ Leveling the Playing Field for Consumers
  • What Is a Chief Data Officer? ‘“ A Q&A With Former City of Chicago Chief Data Officer and Chief Innovation Officer Brett Goldstein
  • Practical Advice for Your Open Data Program
  • How Open Data Is Re-Defining Government in the 21st Century
  • New York City ‘“ How It Became an Open Data Leader
  • Impact ‘“ Four Success Stories for Open Data
  • 10 Open Data Apps

Open data has gone from fodder for data publishing to fuel for open innovation in a relatively short period of time

says Kevin Merritt, Socrata’ s Founder and CEO, and a content contributor to the company’ s new magazine.

Our digital publication reflects this important transformation and shows that open data can be a tremendous force for good. Part of our mission at Socrata is to continue disseminating the best and brightest thinking when it comes to open data. We want to help lead this global conversation.