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The 10 Smartest Cities In Europe

3024721-slide-shutterstock134874083After publishing his smart city rankings for North America, Asia / Pacific and Latin America, Boyd Cohen published the list with the 10 smartest cities in Europe. The ranking is based on the smart cities wheel framework, a visual guide that he uses to help frame the discussion of smart cities.

When it comes to smart cities, Europe is the model for the rest of the world to learn from. European cities tend to be denser, have better public transit, larger commitment to cycling and walking, a stronger focus on sustainability and low-carbon solutions, and perhaps most important, a culture and citizenry more engaged in the journey towards more sustainable and smarter cities. Of course this is a generalization: this series of regional ranking reports has demonstrated leadership from cities across the globe.

The smartest cities in Europe for 2013:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Vienna
  4. Barcelona
  5. Paris
  6. Stockholm
  7. London
  8. Hamburg
  9. Berlin
  10. Helsinki

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