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Toward the Next Phase of Open Government

csreports_aspeninstitute_org_2013_reportThe report of the 2013 Aspen Institute Forum on Communications and Society (FOCAS) is a series of six chapters that examine the current barriers to open government and provides creative solutions for advancing open government efforts.


  1. Open Government and Its Constraints
  2. What is Open Government and is it Working?
  3. The Biases in Open Government that Blind Us
  4. Open Government Needs to Understand Citizens
  5. Open Government Needs Empathy for Government
  6. Toward An Accountable Open Government Culture

The Communications and Society Program is an active venue for framing policies and developing recommendations in the information and communications fields. It provides a multi-disciplinary space where veteran and emerging decision-makers can develop new approaches and suggestions for communications policy. The Program enables global leaders and experts to explore new concepts, exchange insights, develop meaningful networks, and find personal growth, all for the betterment of society.

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