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Maker Cities Serious Game

RTEmagicC_maker_cities_synchronicity_small.pngMaker Cities is a massively multiplayer game that empowers people to imagine and make the future of their city. In the game, players submit ideas about how the maker movement might impact society at large: how we learn, govern, eat, and live. Players collaborate to refine each others’ ideas, and make and share simple prototypes to showcase their idea to the world.

The game has been created by Institute for the Future (IFTF), an independent, nonprofit strategic research group with 45 years of forecasting experience.

Unlike some conventional approaches to thinking about the future that focus only on analytical approaches, Maker Cities allows people to build future ideas together inside a game. Sometimes the best way to imagine creative responses, shift our thinking, rekindle optimism and move towards action is by gaming and having fun and Maker Cities provides a platform for this to happen.

Users can create a player at makercities.net to start the game. They may play any idea about how makers will make the future of cities’”for your city or one on the other side of the world. They can also contribute a future for the semi-weekly Maker Cities Challenges, focused challenges designed to give players the opportunity to ideate in a specific area like aging, food, and more. At the end of each Maker Cities Challenge, IFTF will announce winners in 3 categories: Best Idea, Best Prototype, and Best Collaborator.

SynchroniCity, the first Maker Cities Challenge, runs from January 22nd until January 29th. SynchroniCity challenges players to imagine the possibilities of a completely smart, connected, coordinated city.

Visit makercities.net to start the game.