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Video: Smart Cities: Becoming a Gimmick?

smart-cities-matThis 10 minutes video directed and produced by Gynna Millan, Illiany Hamdan and Roderick Selfridge, from the Media and Arts Technology Ph.D. programme, Queen Mary University of London, provides a quick overview of the ‘˜Smart Cities’ concept.

In 21st Century urban planning, the term ‘˜Smart Cities’ is frequently bandied about. It’ s the ultimate urban utopia of most urban planners and policy-makers in the UK and elsewhere in the World. Today “[h]ardly a week passes without a mayor somewhere in the world unveiling a “smart-city’ project’”often at one of the many conferences hailing the concept’. Although, city-scale experiments have already been designed and implemented the smart cities model has been largely criticised, contested and challenged by many because of its techno-centric approach to complex physical, social, environmental and economic urban systems.

Smart Cities: Becoming a Gimmick? from MAT, QMUL on Vimeo.