Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent Cities / Smart Cities

Smart cities, technology with people in mind

portada_num91In its latest issue, Barcelona Metròpolis magazine, looks at the smart policies that are being deployed in the city, from apps to the fields of health, transport and culture. The implementation of these new technologies affects the en ­vironment, infrastructure, buildings, public spaces and information flow. Responsible technology and management ‘“ both public and private ‘“ must be part of the virtuous circle that will enable us to reach new heights of progress.

In a short space of time, the concept of the smart city has ceased to be technological fantasy and has gained a social dimension. Today a smart city is synonymous with a connected city, conceived for sustainability and energy efficiency, but also oriented towards effective knowledge transmission. The future of our cities will inevitably be smart, but we cannot ignore the uncertainty hanging over this new world. Smart cities feed on personal data that make each one of our actions valuable information. At the same time that cross-cutting smart policies are emerging, we hear critics calling for a democratic model for smart technologies.