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Designing the Urban Future: Smart Cities

downloadThe editors of the Scientific American have published an e-book about the future of cities. The book consists of 31 chapters divided in eight sections: the first section “Cities of the Future’ aims to explore this new concept, while the second, “Drivers: Innovation and Creativity,’ delves into how cities can and do make the most use of their best resource: human capital. Section 3 looks at readying cities for climate change and Section 4 covers “efficient’ buildings. Subsequent sections break down other characteristics of smart cities: making power more renewable, transportation more sustainable, water cleaner, and public health better.

We expect a lot from our technology.
More and more products are created not only to perform multiple complex functions, but also to react to stimuli, patterns and information in a way that solves problems. Cars are being designed with systems that can detect a collision and automatically apply the brakes. Nest’ s thermostat learns your schedule and programs itself. Our phones are smart. Our TVs are smart. Since upping the ante is kind of “our thing’ as a species, smart cities were the next logical step in trying to create a better, brighter, more sustainable and economically sound future

Structure of the book

  • Section 1: Cities of the Future
  • Section 2: Drivers: Innovation and Creativity
  • Section 3: Facing Climate Change
  • Section 4: Efficient Buildings
  • Section 5: Renewable Power
  • Section 6: Easy Transport
  • Section 7: Clean Water
  • Section 8: Urban Health

Source: Scientific American