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Digital Operations for the Digital Business

The-digital-innovation-ecosystemBecoming a digital business’”and achieving digital operations’”is no longer simply about how we incorporate technology into our organizations; it’ s about how we use technology to reinvent those organizations and reinvent operations to get out in front of the dramatic changes that technology is creating.

According to a new Accenture-sponsored research, for companies and their service providers, the opportunity to shift from disrupted to disrupter cannot be overstated. The question all businesses must now ask is how they will use the coming years to redefine their places in this new world.

The report “Digital Operations for the Digital Business: Using Technology for Competitive Advantage” examines how can new technologies be integrated into existing operations environments to drive innovation and improved business value? The analysis points to four pillars of an effective technology strategy:

  1. Executing processes on a resilient digital platform that’ s secure, available on demand and easy to set up and use.
  2. Offering anytime, anywhere digital insights, driven by analytics, that improve business performance.
  3. Creating a digital workforce platform of connected information workers, using advanced monitoring, search and analytics tools.
  4. Proactively managing a digital innovation ecosystem comprising multiple partners to incorporate the latest available technologies.

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