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Innovation in Local Government: Open Data and Information Technology

mckinsey_governmentHow can local governments deliver value for the citizens they serve in a sustainable, inclusive, and fiscally sound manner? To answer that question, the McKinsey Center for Government looks at the tools and models that policy makers and public-sector leaders are using across a range of topics. In this ongoing series, it will focus on themes that are central to how state and local governments operate and deliver value for their citizens, including improving customer service, creating jobs, and making government work better.

The first collection of articles looks at how local governments can harness open data to promote value creation and implement effective information-technology programs to transform the way they operate.

Articles in the first issue:

  • How government can promote open data
    Open data has the potential not only to transform every sector of the economy but also to unleash more than $3 trillion in global economic value annually. Government has a critical role to play.more
  • A closer look at open data: Opportunities for impact
    Local and regional governments can use open data to make substantial improvements to public services, especially in the fields of education, transportation, and health care.
  • Coordinates for change: How GIS technology and geospatial analytics can improve city services
    Through GIS technology, cities can optimize information dissemination, urban planning, and service delivery’”enhancements that will fundamentally improve quality of life for residents.
  • Partnering to build smart cities
    “Smart city projects’ are designed to remake older industrial areas into energy-efficient zones that will attract residents and investors’”but their success depends on close collaboration with private technology firms.
  • Capturing efficiencies through smart technologies
    Data-driven solutions that help cities achieve smart growth can provide both environmental and economic value.
  • Capturing value from IT: A ten-point plan for the public sector
    City administrators and government managers often struggle to find the right combination of people, tools, and systemsfor IT projects; our 10-point agenda can help them overcome these obstacles.