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Report: A Civil Economy for Manchester

manchestercommunityThe report “A Civil Economy for Manchester: A new vision of an economic framework for the city” explores how it could be build a civil economy in Manchester and the role of social capital in that. At the heart of the local civil economy idea is a need for a deeper set of collaboration and mutual coexistence across all three sectors: public (local state), private and the social sector.

According to Neil McInroy, chief executive of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (Cles), all three sectors have essential qualities. Qualities which need to work together. The private sector brings exchange and wealth creation. The public sector and the local state bring equality and a degree of redistribution which provides some public goods and services which are not provided by the market. The social sector brings civic ties, and social diversity imbued with reciprocity and solidarity.


There are four overarching themes which run through this reseach:

  • Interaction of the public, social and commercial sectors are three equally and mutually reinforcing aspects of success.
  • Strong communities and social inclusion are inputs to and outcomes of economic and business success;
  • Refocusing on how economic succes s is perceived around the experiences of people and communities within the economy; and
  • The need for the social sector to articulate a clear, tangible offer and developing
    this in conjunction with public sector.

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