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Intelligent Community Forum Summit 2014

Summit_14_Logo_White_BckgdThe Intelligent Community Forum Summit, held on June 3-5 in New York City, is a unique opportunity to learn from the world’s most dynamic communities how to use information and communications technology to build prosperous, inclusive and sustainable communities.

The ICF Summit will feature speakers from Intelligent Communities all over the world. Mayors, CIOs, and other community leaders will come together to share their experiences and practices for the Master Class on June 4 and the Plenary on June 5. Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn from all of the global leaders in the Intelligent Community movement at one conference.

The 2014 theme, Community as Canvas, looks at three specific aspects of culture: as art and craftwork that has both economic and social value, as heritage that gives a place its identity, and as attitudes arising from that heritage that determine how people react to change.

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