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Cities in Motion Index 2014

cities-eTokyo, London and New York are the world’s “smartest” cities, for the third consecutive year, according to the IESE Cities in Motion Index (ICIM). To establish this ranking, the researchers studied 135 cities based on 50 indicators along 10 different dimensions.

Of the top 20 cities, 10 are European, six are American, three are Asian and one is Oceanian. Switzerland is the country with the best results overall, with three of its cities appearing in the top 10.

Cities are ranked along 10 dimensions considered key to determining their efficiency:

1. Governance
2. Public Management
3. Urban Planning
4. Technology
5. The Environment
6. International Outreach
7. Social Cohesion
8. Mobility and Transportation
9. Human Capital
10. The Economy


Among its findings, the report highlights the importance of having a broad overview of urban management. The report also describes a delay in impact of public policies, the influence of the national context, the absence of a single model of success, and the discrepancy between cities’ reputations and their realities.


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