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The Real World Web Report

real_world_web-1In an effort to stimulate a larger conversation around the ‘˜future of things’ , PSFK Labs in collaboration with iQ by intel has identified 10 trends and three major themes living within the internet of things that point to the role internet-enabled technologies will play in connected ecosystems of the future, and their effect on consumer behaviors and lifestyles.

In the “Real World Web” report PSFK Labs and iQ have described ten trends organized around three larger themes – Community Web, Empathetic Tech and Self-Aware World – that explore the role that Wi-Fi-enabled technologies will play in the connected ecosystems of the future, and their impact on consumer lifestyles and behaviors. Each of the trends have been supported by six best-in-class examples of related products and services, along with a list of experts, industry statistics and implications, which point to potential opportunities to leverage these insights.


In the Community Net theme, they explore the growing network of individuals, sensors and wearable devices enabling the open exchange of real-time information streams while contributing to a shared pool of collective knowledge. With the Empathy Tech theme, they look at how technology is understanding a wider range of human needs and behaviors to provide relevant assistance and support at key moments. Finally, the Conscious Planet theme considers how intelligent machines are able to respond to a range of situations with appropriate pre-determined actions without the need for human input, and even learn more sophisticated responses over time.

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