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We Own the City: Enabling Community Practice in Architecture and Urban Planning

we-own-the-city-4.gifThis book examines the ways in which urban dwellers–who used to be merely “clients” of development–are taking ownership of their neighborhoods. Through five cases in five cities (Amsterdam, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong, Taipei), different dynamics and intensities of citizen-driven urban redevelopment processes are examined, with the goal of providing new recommendations and methods that respond to community needs and individual aspirations.

Bottom-up initiatives are cropping up around the world, but institutions, government offices and developers often find themselves uncertain how to collaborate with and empower these impassioned citizens and communities. This volume delves into the complexities surrounding the role of today’s city-makers and the potential and actual tensions between civil society and government, and it further provides new foundations for inclusive urban development plans which will set the standard for future public governments, housing authorities, architects, town planners and real-estate developers.

A sneak preview of the book is available for free.