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The 2014 Massachusetts Big Data Report

2014_Mass_Big_Data_Report_0The 2014 Massachusetts Big Data Report: A Foundation for Global Leadership represents a foundational analysis of the regional Mass Big Data ecosystem and its position as a global leader in the expanding fields of big data, open data, and analytics. The report also seeks to provide an initial baseline understanding of the landscape of the Mass Big Data ecosystem and its challenges, opportunities, and strong potential for growth.

The purpose of the 2014 Mass Big Data Report is to provide an assessment of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the Commonwealth in big data. The Mass Big Data Report is intended to highlight prospects for growth in areas such as talent and workforce, ecosystem, and public data access; and to identify opportunities to promote and expand the Mass Big Data sector, while enhancing the Commonwealth’ s position as a global leader. The 2014 Mass Big Data Report is intended to serve as a baseline assessment of the Massachusetts Big Data ecosystem and related economic factors. Subsequent updates to the report will track changes, trends, and metrics based on this foundational data.

Principal Findings

Massachusetts Big Data
Massachusetts Big Data
  • Close to 500 Companies Participate in the Massachusetts Big Data Ecosystem
  • Research Centers Across the Commonwealth Differentiate the Mass Big Data Ecosystem
  • Nearly $20 Million in Federal Grants Awarded for Big Data Initiatives in Massachusetts
  • Investment Funding in Mass Big Data Companies Topped $2.5 Billion
  • Massachusetts Colleges and Universities Graduate Close to 5,600 Students Annually from 14 Data Science-related Programs
  • Massachusetts’ Big Data Talent Density Among Highest in US
  • Strength in Innovation: Data Integration Tools, Data Analysis Software, Data Management
  • 5.250 Big Data Patents Granted in Massachusetts
Mass Big Data Industry
Mass Big Data Industry