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Citizens Make the Future Infographic

citizens-make-the-futureAs part of the US National Day of Civic Hacking, the Institute for the Future (IFTF) created Citizens Make the Future, a map to help frame the conversation around the next decade’ s most significant opportunities and challenges in civic governance.

The map poses five futures’”better governance, more resilient communities, a stronger economy, a more creative society, and healthier neighborhoods’”that also address today’ s needs. It is a tool for exploring the big questions facing civic governance today and for envisioning the kind of future cities, states, and nation we want to build together.


The next decade of civic governance needs ideas and prototypes. More importantly’”to realize new opportunities for government to be more responsive, efficient, and inclusive of all citizens’”the next decade needs your participation. We can build a stronger economy adapted to 21st century work, live in neighborhoods that improve our health, and prepare our communities to nimbly respond to any possibilities.

Visit: IFTF – Citizens Make the Future