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Intelligent Community Forum 2015 Awards

NewiCommunityThe intelligent Community Forum (ICF) opened nominations for the 2015 Awards Program. Communities large and small, urban and rural, in developing and industrialized nations are all invited to apply.

Nominations are accepted from local governments, institutions, companies, non-profit organizations, national government agencies and consular offices. There is no cost to submit a nomination. On average, the Intelligent Community Forum tracks the progress of 400 communities each year through its own research as well as nominations submitted by communities.

2015 Theme: The Revolutionary Community

In 2015, the Intelligent Community Forum will focus on the study of urban and regional planning and how it is impacting the way people live, work and create in their cities and towns.


Evaluation of nominations is based on the ICF’s five Intelligent Community Indicators (Broadband Connectivity, Knowledge Workforce, Innovation, and Marketing and Advocacy), which provide the conceptual framework for understanding all of the factors that determine a community’s competitiveness and point to its success in the broadband economy. This year, the Intelligent Community Forum is piloting the addition of a sixth Indicator focusing on environmental sustainability. In addition to the Community Indicators, this year’ s Intelligent Community Awards are guided by the 2015 theme.

Visit: ICF – Nominations Open, Theme Announced for 2015 Awards Program