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Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision

smartnationSingapore is pushing towards becoming the world’ s first Smart Nation, one that will improve the quality of life for individuals and business opportunities for enterprises. A new platform, data sensors, trials at JLD and industry collaboration will help Singapore realise its smart nation vision.

Singapore has the opportunity to be the world’ s first Smart Nation if we work together and make fuller use of technology to live, work and play, said Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information. Singapore will continue build up all aspects to enhance our national capabilities ‘“ from infrastructure, industry to governance. To do this, IDA will build on our achievements in the IN2015 journey, such as the Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN) and Wireless@SG. There are also several ongoing projects by Government agencies and the industry, such as the Jurong Lake District initiative, which is one test bed to seek out meaningful and sustainable solutions that can be rolled out in a Smart Nation.

In a Smart Nation, we also seek to create an anticipatory Government that can better serve our citizens and better able to use technology to enhance public services, empowering citizens to able to be more participatory in engaging government, as well as businesses, to make more informed decisions and meaningful choices in their daily living.

A key component in this vision is the new Smart Nation Platform (SNP), which is built around three focus areas: Connect, Collect, and Comprehend. This will further Singapore’ s capabilities in pervasive connectivity by building new infrastructure and common technical architecture to support a smart nation ecosystem.


  • Connect aims to enable and provide a speedy, secure, cost-effective and scalable nationwide communication infrastructure
  • Collect & Comprehend aim to be able to gain better situational awareness through better real-time data collected through a mesh of sensors nationwide.

The smart nation platform will also provide access to greater and meaningful information, enabling citizens to make better decisions related to transport, health, and other services. It also can offer access to rich-data and innovative products and ideas, leading to the creation of solutions that can better the society as a whole. Better data insights can further help businesses improve their operations.


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