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City as Living Laboratory

callCity as Living Laboratory: Sustainability Made Tangible Through the Arts’ (CaLL) provides a framework for how the arts and sustainability can be linked in innovative ways to create cities that help us redefine how we live our lives, use our resources, how we communicate, educate, work, and collaborate.

CaLL conceives of the city as a laboratory where artists and designers collaborate with scientists, other experts and policy makers to create immediate experiential impact from research and planning initiatives. The goal is to make sustainability personal, visceral, tangible, and encourage citizen action.

Sustainability made tangible through the Arts
Sustainability made tangible through the Arts

CaLL supports artist-led collaborations that seed project sites with installations, interactive activities and events, setting an example that can extend to other sites over time and lead the way for other cities in the future. These activities will make connections among communities, disciplines, institutions and neighborhoods as they work together toward common goals. CITY AS LIVING LABORATORY aspires to make environmental, social and economic sustainability integral to all communities of a city.