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SUSTAINIA100: A Guide to 100 Innovative Solutions

3rd_sustainia100_2014SUSTAINIA100 is an annual guide to 100 innovative sustainability solutions from around the world. The guide identifies readily available projects, initiatives and technologies at the forefront of sustainable innovation. SUSTAINIA100 gives investors, business leaders, policy makers and consumers insights into promising solutions within their respective fields. These vetted projects and technologies span from Western innovation hubs to emerging economies.

SUSTAINIA 100 covers innovative solutions in 10 sectors: Education, Energy, Health, Smart Cities, Resources, Buildings, Food, Fashion, Transportation and Information Technology.

The SUSTAINIA 100 solutions are selected based on the three dimensions of sustainability; environmental, social, and economic. SUSTAINIA has adopted a systematic approach to collecting solutions in concert with a global sustainability network. This approach runs year round. Through an online platform, innovators from around the globe can submit their solutions or other solutions they find interesting. The submissions are supplemented by extensive research carried out internally to ensure quality as well as geographic and sector diversity. Finally, in consultation with an independent advisory board, the solutions are carefully vetted and selected using the five evaluation criteria: Readily available, positive environmental impact, financially viable, improve quality of life and scalability.


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