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Open Data and Visualisation Apps

Singapore appsSingapore’ s Infocomm Development Authority announced the competition Data in the City: Visualisation Challenge, which is based on open government datasets with the objective to create visualisations about the life in the city.

Participants in the competition are invited to create applications by using at least one open government dataset. The open data repository offered houses over 8000 datasets from 60 ministries and agencies. The competition is encouraging participants to use data from different sources and mash them together. Visualisations can be presented as charts, images, icons, animations, texts, maps and other forms.

Already more than 100 applications are available in the showcase room for Android, iOS, Windows, and Web, in the domains of business and economy, finance, science and information technology, education, health, society and community, housing and urban planning, population and household, safety and security, tourism and recreation, transportation and storage, energy and environment.

Source: Visualisation Challenge