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Intelligent Communities Re-inventing Urban and Rural Planning

ICF 2015“How Intelligent Communities are Re-inventing Urban and Rural Planning” is a White Paper of ICF that describes the annual theme of the 2015 Intelligent Community Awards.

“The work of an Intelligent Community often begins in crisis. But once the crisis is past, how do Communities maintain momentum and avoid being caught undefended by the next wave of change? This is a challenge for urban and rural planning for designing a better future for the community.’

The ICF argues that this planning is different. Today’s disruption in technology, the economy and the environment will only grow more intense. The continuing broadband revolution will change the physical form, the delivery of services, and the competitive advantage of cities. Planning of land-uses and infrastructure, sustainability and community development should be done in revolutionary ways. Intelligent Communities should re-invent what it means to plan.

The white paper goes on with planning for a disruptive future; asking a lot of planners; adding intelligence to the mix; the city, physical and digital; getting kiwis to take the stairs; changing the urban-rural balance; and ICTs for a revolutionary community.

Read the report: ICF-WP-Revolutionary-Community

Source: https://www.intelligentcommunity.org/clientuploads/PDFs/ICF-WP-Revolutionary-Community.pdf