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IEEE Smart City Challenge

IEEE Smart City ChallengeIEEE has created the Smart City Challenge, a game that encourages people to share their vision for a better world, city by city. The IEEE wants suggestions for how to design smart cities of the future. Suggestions can include ideas for communication, energy, infrastructure, and transportation.

The goal of the contest is to receive solutions to real-life problems in as many areas of the world as possible. Moreover, the game lists the city’ s population, size, and energy resources, to help participants better craft their submissions. Examples of smart city applications already implemented are also featured on the game. For example, Paris has an electric-vehicle sharing program with more than 250 rental facilities, Toronto uses natural gas captured from its landfills to power the city’ s garbage trucks, and Tokyo’ s suburb of Fujisawa is currently being rebuilt with every house equipped with solar panels and storage batteries, which can be used as a source of energy in times of outages.