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Smart City Strategy: Cyberport Hong Kong (China)

18a_CyberportHKCyberport Hong Kong is a technology cluster offering services for creative digital communities. It is managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, a government-owned company that consistently pursues the involvement of the city’ s people and encourages creativity and development of new skills within the population. Overall, Cyberport is a smart district that fosters the development of innovation ecosystems and knowledge-intensive functions using advanced infrastructure; it introduces an ‘˜innovation for all’ environment, in which every citizen can become a producer of services and innovations’ (Komninos, 2011). To realize the vision of becoming an ICT hub in the Asia-Pacific region, in Cyberport five interdependent centers are established, each of which advances development in a specific area and helps realize the three following functions: nurture ICT industry start-ups and entrepreneurs to foster local talent; drive collaboration through better utilization of resources to create business opportunities; and accelerate ICT adoption through strategic initiatives and partnerships. Each center is named after its specific focus: the Campus Development Centre, to provide professional services to tenants; the Collaboration Centre, to organize a reciprocal network of ICT businesses around the world; the Entrepreneurship Centre, to ease the way for small businesses and start-ups; the Knowledge Centre, to foster IT integration and develop talent in the local community; and the Technology Centre, to provide advanced tools to ICT specialists and entrepreneurs.

18b_CyberportHKFigure: Cyberport Hong Kong’ s five centers and their purposes (source)

18c_CyberportHKFigure: Aerial representation of Cyberport Hong Kong (source)



Access the website of Cyberport HK here.


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