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Smart City Strategy: New York (USA)

20a_NYDigitalThe city of New York followed a well-articulated digital strategy, which was shaped taking into account local recourses, priorities and needs. The strategy was designed by ‘˜NYC Digital’ , a NY City office with the mission to create a healthier civil society and stronger democracy through the use of technology. The study commenced with a thorough assessment of the initial state of the city’ s digital status and the number of government employees in these fields. Details were gathered about which topics concern the public the most (e.g. education, buildings, parking, taxes etc.), the way the public accesses digital tools (e.g. which browser they use) and demographic data (age, income, etc.). This thorough assessment of the city’ s initiating status revealed that there were already many digital assets in place that were either not known to the public, or had not been recently updated, or were even running on different platforms across various City agencies. Subsequently the strategy proceeded with the engagement of residents, City employees and technologists through 4,000 assessment points. Through this process, stakeholders of the public and private sectors provided insights and ideas for the development of New York into a Digital City. Finally, City employees proposed ideas for a next-generation strategy, new coordination tools, and shared resources to enhance digital communications efforts. The study culminated in the formation of New York City’ s Digital Road Map which highlights New York City Government’ s commitment to technology in public service and presents a comprehensive plan to achieve New York City’ s digital potential. The Road Map’ s four core areas are Access, Education, Open Government, Engagement, and Industry, which are comprised of 40 initiatives. The strategy was implemented in the period 2011-2013.

20b_NYDigitalCoreAreasFigure: Four core areas of New York’ s Digital Strategy (source)



Access NY’ s Digital Strategy here.


Suggested readings about New York’ s Digital Strategy:

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