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Open source technology for citizens’ political participation in smarter cities

smartCitizen_logoSmart Citizen is a platform to generate participatory processes of people in the cities. Connecting data, people and knowledge, the objective of the platform is to serve as a node for building productive and open indicators, and distributed tools, and thereafter the collective construction of the city for its own inhabitants.

The Smart Citizen project is based on geolocation, Internet and free hardware and software for data collection and sharing ( Smart Citizen Kit – SCK , RESTful api, Mobile App and, the web community ), and (in a second phase) the production of objects; it connects people with their environment and their city to create more effective and optimized relationships between resources, technology, communities, services and events in the urban environment. Currently it is being deployed as initial phase in Barcelona city.
The project is born within Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia , both focused centers on the impact of new technologies at different scales of human habitat, from the bits to geography.
You can read more about Smart Citizen platform on this link https://smartcitizen.me/